Raspberry Pi Cannot Obtain GPS Information from Pixhawk 6C + DroneKit + ArduRover stable-4.2.3

Unable to pull (obtain) GPS lat/long info on Raspberry Pi (RPi) using DroneKit SDK’s API: vehicle.location.global_relative_frame from HolyBro Pixhawk 6C. Exact same .py script to pull this GPS info on RPi with same firmware version, GPS and other related setup parameters works with HolyBro Pixhawk 4 + RPi but it DOES NOT work with Pixhawk 6C + RPi. I can obtain vehicle.mode info from Pixhawk 6C on RPi but not vehicle.location.global_relative_frame info which provides GPS lat/long information on RPi from Pixhawk 6C; the output for lat/long remains blank.

ArduRover version: stable-4.2.3
Platform: Rover
Hardware type: Pixhawk 6C

Logs: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MATgTFCmkF_j4VDdLHi9faw6CzzSPPUV/view?usp=sharing

I’m upgrading my rover from HolyBro Pix4 to Pix6C. RPi <-> Pix6C connection setup: USB to micro-USB. Anyone has an idea what might be the issue here? Thank you for your time and help!

So I was able to figure out the problem. I am able to read all eight RC channel values on Pixhawk4 but not Pixhawk6C. My Tx is FrSky QX7 and Rx is FrSky R10Pro. My algorithm is based on the 8 switch’s channel values and that is the issue here. Cannot obtain channel values on RPi. Getting: {‘1’: None, ‘2’: None, … , ‘8’: None}. Any idea why I am not getting channel values on Pixhawk 6C → RPi? Thank you!

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Hello, would like to ask if you have solve this one regarding the return of None values? I’m having the same problem.