Raspberry Pi Ardupilot

Those of you who have installed ArduPilot on Raspberry Pi. How do you connect Pixhawk stuff like GPS, Telemetry etc to the Raspberry and have it work with ArduPilot?

Are you talking about companion computers or the AP stack itself running on RPi?

ArduPilot running on RPi

you may want to read that doc.

I have seen the Navio. But buying a Navio, a Pi and a PDB, cables etc is more expensive than just getting a Pixhawk bundle with everything included. This really defeats the purpose (at least for me)

Obviously you didn’t read what i linked, well good luck :slight_smile:

I did read it (stil reading). He is talking about the erle robotics shield that is discontinued

I linked it not for the product itself but to answer to your question on how to connect sensors to a raspberry, you need a daughter board.
It is not cost effective and in my experience (used navio 2 for a year or so) strange things happen when running AP on a raspberry.
One of the numerous boards out there and a rasp as a companion i think will behave much better and cost less than running AP direct on rasp.
Just my opinion :slight_smile:

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I read it and it seems that it is doable but wont run perfectly and some components requires writing your own drivers. He is using GY-80, adding GY-86 for instance could cause issues. So its not worth it. Thanks for the link.

Which board combination do you recommend to use? I have a Pixhawk, but I have seen people make cheap autonomous cars, drones and boats that can do waypoint missions using Arduino. I am very intrigued by this because for some projects where you just need for instance a simple car/drone that can do waypoint missions. Pixhawk is a bit overkill.

I think there are some modern bords with direct support that are very cheap, just look around.


there are boards in every price range.

I see. For instance a Kakute and an Arduino as a companion computer?


I think 90% of your posts are answered with a link to a Wiki entry. To find these links yourself it’s usually as easy as a Google search “Ardupilot “insert area of interest here””.
Like “Ardupilot companion computer”

And the result: