Rasberry Pi Zero, SSH over USB for Maverick or Rpanion

Hello everyone,

I have been playing around with a Raspberry Pi Zero as a companion computer for a little while and would like to dive into fancy tools like Maverick or Rpanion. I have successful installed both on separate SD cards and have them running nicely.

The Concern is now with the Wifi Access point (Rpanion) or SSH over network (Maverick with the pi and laptop connected to the same network). I would be using these in the field with no access to Wifi, and i would ultimately like to just get rid of that feature on the laptop and pi all together to remove sources of RF noise, and make life a bit easier in the field.

Up to now most of the work with the Raspberry pi Zero I’ve done was through SSH over USB (setting up the config and cmdline files) but after doing the same config and cmdline edit on the Rpanion and Maverick SD cards those don’t show up as a normal Raspian install would when connecting over usb, and at the end of the day i just can’t get that sweet SSH connection over USB working for those.

Does anyone have any ideas ?
At this point the less wacky stuff i tried (apart from “modules-load=dwc2,g_ether” in “cmdline” and “dtoverlay=dwc2” in “config” ) is removing the access point configuration on the Rpanion SD card with no success

Thank you for your time and any input you may have



I do not get it. The purpose of Rpanion is to provide easy access to the flightcontroller over wifi and stream video over wifi, all configurable over a nice web interface. Now you want to remove the wifi part. What benefit does Rpanion give you then, without wifi?


In the case of Rpanion, i like how the web interface is setup to change the out ip:ports of Mavlink, would make life a bit easier for the development work i’m diving into. And the way things work in Maverick would be helpful further down the line. Also at this point it’s also becoming a bit of a learning exercise on how things work behind the scenes in the Pi

Thank you,