Rasberry pi 4 model b, mavlink and opencv

hi, I’m using pixhawk orange cube and raspberrypi 4 model B. I’m aiming to make a drone that follows a drone. should I use mavlink and opencv or what path should I follow. i can’t install mavlink on raspberry. I am quite a beginner, I would be very pleased if someone would show me a general guide about the versions and how to follow them.


Object Tracking requires AI based camera system like the OakD that are trained to identify the drone on many poses in the air.

This might be possible to use a lightweight Network (like YOLO) on a RPI 4 but the real challenge is to train correctly the network to have a reliable identification of the model in a highly dynamic environment: Vibration, Shaky Image, Light and background features and color variation.

Here is an interesting post that explain how to train such a network:


Lightweight Multi-Drone Detection and 3D-Localization via YOLO

In this work, we present and evaluate a method to perform real-time multiple drone detection and three-dimensional localization using state-of-the-art tiny-YOLOv4 object detection algorithm and stereo triangulation. Our computer vision approach…