Rapid yaw then crash

I’m fairly new to Pixhawk and would be grateful for some help diagnosing a crash from a quad.

The flight involved a rapid yaw then a crash. I was running an older APM version that I have now updated. I’m interested to find out if the crash was something to do with the older APM, or if it’s something that I still need to address. I have flow the quad successfully several times before the latest incident.

I’ve attached the telemetry log file and would really appreciate some help in diagnosing the problem.

I was flying with a 3DR telemetry through Mission Planner 1.3.30 at the time under stabilised mode, but I did try to swap modes in the pre-crash panic.

Thanks in advance,


I have not looked at your log file, but I had a similar problem with my Elev-8 quad using the Hoverfly Open controller. I discovered that it was not a controller issue, but rather a bad solder joint. If your aircraft is yawing, it is quite likely that one (or both opposite) motor is not spinning at the same RPM as the others - the resulting torque causing uncommanded yaw.

I had problems with opposite motors - found a bad solder joint on a wire going to #4 motor and I suspect another bad connection on the other. I’m presently on vacation, but when I return, I plan to replace the wires going from the ESC to the other motor…

Thank you for the suggestion.

I’ve visually checked the motor connections and it all seems fine. I’ll have another look but I thought it could be a gyro problem.