Ranger 1600 - slow reaction to controls

I am trying to tune my ranger 1600. It is finaly working with arduplane. Actually it is my fourth try with ardu project and it is first model that is actually flying :smiley:
I tried autotuning and what I have noticed, I think that stabilization is reacting faster, however in stabilze or acro mode my model is rolling or pitching slowly. Roll is a bit trouble for me because I can’t flip it upside down fast enough. It is simply very stable and very slow to do roll.
How can I increase reaction speed, especially to roll faster? In manual mode it is working as it was before adding autopilot.

If you’re using autotune, have you tried adjusting AUTOTUNE_LEVEL?

\Automatic Tuning with AUTOTUNE — Plane documentation

No I haven’t yet. I had one day of good weather only. I thought for a glider default will be fine, but this might be a good tip. Will try when weather will be good for flying.