Rangefinder settings inconsistent in AC3.5.4

Dear community,

after leaving out a couple of AC versions i did upgrade to AC3.5.4 because of new possibilities for rangefinder settings, but i found my TeraRanger One not showing any values anymore.

TeraRanger is working seperately (checked with serial console) and it’s connected via I2C splitter to a 3DR Pixhawk1.
Power is supplied and I2C was also checked directly without the splitter.

When i checked the new settings for rangefinders in AC3.5.4 i found some issues…

  1. I chose TrOne I2C in optional hardware menue in Mission Planner
  2. in Full Parameter List it shows the following:

RNGFND_ADDR 0 (should be different from 1-127, since 0 = disabled)
RNGFND_FUNCTION 0 (should be ok)
RNGFND_GAIN 0,8 (should be ok)
RNGFND_GNDCLEAR 10 (should be ok)
RNGFND_MAX_CM 1400 (should be ok)
RNGFND_MIN_CM 20 (should be ok)
RNGFND_OFFSET 0 (should be ok)
RNGFND_ORIENT 0 (is correct)
RNGFND_PIN -1 (no idea)
RNGFND_POS_X 0 (should be ok)
RNGFND_POS_Y 0 (should be ok)
RNGFND_POS_Z 0 (should be ok)
RNGFND_PWRRNG 0 (should be ok)
RNGFND_RMETRIC 1 (might be ok)
RNGFND_SCALING 3 (should be ok)
RNGFND_SETTLE 0 (should be ok)
RNGFND_STOP_PIN -1 (should be ok)
RNGFND_TYPE 14 (should be ok; formerly it was 4 which now is not listed anymore)

Could you help me out?
I do not want to go back to the former AC version since i would like to benefit from the improved code and also i would like to use the new “AVOID_MARGIN” parameter to set a specific distance to the TeraRangerOne.

Thanks a lot


I haven’t used the TeraRanger on 3.5, but your params look fine, except maybe RNGFND_ADDR. I’m not sure if this parameter is used for non-LightWare rangefinders (documentation says it’s for multiple LightWares). Since you had it working before, we can assume the hardware and wiring is right.

The only information I could find regarding the TeraRanger and I2C address mentions using address 127, so maybe try RNGFND_ADDR = 127.

Humm , does not look good… https://github.com/ArduPilot/ardupilot/issues/6109

But it was working before upgrade
What release was it ?

Yes, it worked - why was it working then already before in the same config?
And also not via I2C directly?

Unfortunately i just saved the parameter list and did not note the release version. I guess it was 3.4.6 from March 2017.

I also asked the team from TeraBee for their recommended settings, but currently waiting for them to answer.

Ok I looking at code, they changed the default adress to a parametric address, I would try this:


You should see the value in Sonarrng on Mission Planner
If you want to change to a different orientation than down (25), you have to go in CTRL+F menu and activate proximity ‘‘radar’’ screen.

Thanks a lot - i’m gonna try these settings as soon as possible. :smiley:

Yesterday i got so frustrated due to the missing answers of the manufacturer that i disassembled the sensor from one flying system and will soon put it into another one with Pixhawk 2.1

Orientation will be 0 than again (FORWARD) but i need to convert the i2ccable to PH2.1 first.