Rangefinder Sensor + Arducopter + QGC = how?

I’m using a lightware SF11/B rangefinder on a pixhawk cube 2.1 and mission planner, and I can successfully use it for terrain following on autonomous mode, but I never success to follow terrain in any modes using this sensor and qgroundcontrol, I did several research and never find a way to do it.

So, is it possble to use the rangefinder sensor with pixhawk cube (chibios) to follow terrain in auto mode on qgroundcontrol?

Using TERRAIN_FRAME in mission with QGC is not currently supported.

I see, thaks for your reply, but is there a possible date that will launch this feature?

We are closing out a new 4.0 Stable right now. Target is for 4.1 to support this as well as ArduPilot style terrain following with terrain heights send to vehicle.

Very nice, hope you can work it out very soon, thanks.

@DonLakeFlyer is there an update on when this feature (TERRAIN_FRAME in mission with QGC) will be rolled out?

Not other than it’s targetted for the version 4.1.