RangeFinder selections missing

Hello. I am using a Pixhawk cube 2.1 with the latest rover 3.5.2 firmware. I am attempting to add a tfmini plus lidar for obstacle avoidance but have been having issues getting mission planner to show that it is connected. The unit works just great with the benewake UI and when connected to the rover I can see that it is getting power but that is all. It is connected to telem2 and all the appropriate settings are in place based off of all the wikis.

So I have initially been using my laptop to interact with this but since connected it to my desktop for convenience. The issue I now have is that when selecting RangeFinder under optional hardware I get no drop down menu selections. I do have these menu options on the laptop but considering all the undo issues of not getting this to work maybe it was never really using the senor library at all? Hence no selection on my desktop? Any insight to this menu issue and over all getting this to connect correctly would be greatly appreciated.


Bump. No insights to this?