Rangefinder avoiding direction_ solved

Hello.First, thanks for all the work Randy.

I am testing the skidsteering robot controlled by Pixhawk 2.4.8 I kinda managed to make RTK work with C94 devkit following mr @Ktrussell expertise - thanks a lot.Now in 3.5 version you finally enabled avoiding in auto modes.I am using i2c ultrasonic sensor as left forward and analog one as right forward.The measures are correct and the position seems correct.

The problem is, that both of them result in turning the rover the same direction.Always avoiding to the right instead of left one to the right and right one to the left.

It is funny as back on ardupilot 2.4 this was working correct. Please can you look at it.

To me it would be of great help as i am trying to use the robot in a winyard between two rows of vine grapes .The slope ia steep too for more fun.

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I’ve replied over on the issue created here. In short, I think the Dodge method should still work as before (we haven’t intentially changed it) but I’m not confident that Dodge will allow a rover to drive between two rows in a vinard. I think it’s more likely that it will actually turn into the rows of plants/trees.

Thanks for reply.Will check the setup aggain and analyze the log.

For APM i have adjusted the trigger aand steering settings so it does not oscilate an i have put max 8 degrees of avoidance angle.Yes, probably i was lucky with the settings as it worked verry nice straight away.The ony time i had problem when a plant in a row was missing.I made some recordings.Anyway if Dodge should work the same there is still hope for me. It is maybe the sound bouncing arround as i have not put a stop pin to synchronize sonars.I assumed they are facing away from each other.But aggain i had the same situation on APM …

Sorry for false alarm.Dodge avoiding seems to be working ok, I have tested with dislocated sonars and checked the servo output.It works as it should.So it must be the sonars collecting of each others signal in current configuration without a stop pin.

Consider it solved.Thanks for all.

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