RangeFinder as obstacle avoidance


I am building a cuadropter and i would like to use a Maxbotix ultrasonic sensor as a obstacle avoidance sensor. I connect the sensor to the analog port without problem and see the distance to a object flighing in manual. In automatic the APM thinks that it is an altimeter and it doesn´t maintain the altitude.

How can i disable that?

I only want to see the distance to the obstacle and read it from telemetry port, i don´t want that the automatic pilot use the info to flight.




It would be nice it someone could answer this question :slight_smile:

Stig Sivertsen

Yeah That’ll be nice, I have a range finder with lasers and i’trieing to find a way to implement it into the code aswell. :unamused:

I’m going to test the Lidar Lite 1 during next week-end on a VRBrain5.2 (with AC3.3.3) installed on a quad 560 class and up to now I’m struggling on fine-tuning the Lidar measurements: I’m basically using PWM mode (due to problems related to I2C as reported on wiki) in linear measurements with 0 offset and 0 scaling.
What I noticed is that there is not a linear function between volts and meters (as explained in wiki) and I’m trying now to understand what kind of relation I can define.
What is your experience?

Nearly the same Lidar Lite V2 unstable at low altitude