Rangefinder 2 does't show any data in the the "Quick" and "Status" tab


I have configured the second rangefinder for object advoidance. If I try to check the actual value in the “Quick” and “Status” tab I can see nothing (0). But If I open the proximity window I can see the acutal distance from rangefinder2.

Is there maybe a bug?


Hi @buckker
Can you please share your parameter list / .bin log file?
Also can you share with us some details like which range finder are you using (also serial/i2c?) And which port are you connecting it to(telem1,2 or i2c etc)?


I’m using two Lightware LW20 in the I2C mode. I have conneced them to the I2C2 and I2C3 port on the CUAV Nano V5.

Here is the .bin file:

have you set up different I2C address on each unit ?

Yes, otherwise the object advoidance with the second lidar would’t work. The first lidar is set to 102 and the second to 104.