Range finder for auto land

I want to set my Talon up to autoland but will need a range finder for the landing as my barometer is not accurate enough on my Pixhawk for the approach and flare.

Are there any recommendations? Budget a bit limited…

Not sure, if this will be usefull, but solving the same problem.
I tested TOF400C VL53L1 infrared and for outdoor it’s useless. At daylight it gives only some 10-20cm range, too little for the plane.
Now testing ultrasonic GY-US42 with promoted range of 7m, but in real life I reached hardly 2m range with a lot of error readings.
My best results looks like this:

Red and green lines are from 1st and 2nd baro, blue are readings from GY-US42.
There are visible some good results between 0,6-1,8m but a lot of errors as well.
Question is: will this be good enough for an autolanding?
Here is short sample of the video how the same part of the flight looks in real life. Yes, Mini Talon is quite fast :slight_smile: