Random problems after pid's tuning


my drone, Tmotor P60 motors, Hobbywing Xrotor 60A esc, cube orange, 6s 22Ah, 22inch prop.
arducopter version 4.0.7

we have a lot of random issues (50deg difference between attitude vs desired attitude) after pid’s tuning.

the drone appears to be a perfect flight and perfect pid tuning, in althold and loiter modes, but random, there is an unexpected behaviour like a pitch back 50degrees in althold mode randomly.

we dont now if the problem is a pid’s bad tuning, a mechanical problem, esc desync…

I add the bin file if you can tell me some explanation of this random issues.

So add the .bin file.

sorry, i dont have now the bin file, only the param file. tomorrow i send you the bin file of the flight log.

how we can see if the problem its a momentary esc desync?

when we see the log actual attitude (in pitch roll or yaw) vs the desired attitude, we see that the 2 lines are very similar, but randomly, there is a lot of divergence, about some times 50 degrees of difference and we see how the drone make a very dangerous movements, randomly.

in similar drone we have different esc (t motor flame 60a) and with this esc, after a pid’s tuning, there are perfect flight without any issues.

can be some incompatibility in P60 motors and hobbywing xrotor 60a esc?