Random extreme uncommanded pitch and roll in stabilize help

Well, I took my F800 Hex for its second run today for some tuning. Problem is, while I was in stabilize, I would get these random what appeared to be glitches of the copter pitching and rolling hardcore in any given direction sporadically. It was not a continuous thing. It would happen and luckily I could recover, except the last one. I broke a landing skid in the crash, but thankfully the copter seems to have held up really well. Anyways, looking through my graphs, it appears that it was commanded to do the pitch and roll from me, however I never gave any such commands. I was attempting to tune alt hold and loiter today, so I would get it up in the air and while hovering, it would randomly bank and scare the beegeezus out of me in fear of crashing my $3000 investment. Can anyone look at my logs and help me decipher this issue. Forgive me if this has been a previous issue discussed, however I wasn’t able to find much on it. Like I said, it was just spontaneous extreme banks that I never commanded while in stabilize. I have attached the log file below.

Thanks for any help
Jamie :cry:

Well, I found my issue. Apparently this brand new Futaba 8J is defective. After replacing the receiver and transmitter, the problem was eliminated. Im not sure whats caused this or if this is a common problem with the 8J.


Thank you for posting your info. I’m trying to learn as much about all things RC and trouble shooting as quickly as possible.

Would you please tell me why you suspected a problem with you TX or RC or ruled other items out and how you confirmed the problem?

Thank you,

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