Random Climbs in Auto - Solved

I have an issue with my Hexacopter (AC 3.5.7) where it is climbing randomly during an auto grid.
The aircraft is reaching a waypoint, then shortly afterwards it is receiving a commanded climb and then descend back to normal height (aircraft slows then stops during this climb/descend). On other points during the mission, the aircraft will simply pause for a while (10 - 20 seconds) before moving on.

.BIN and .tlog files are:

At this point I can see the target altitude climbing and descending, but no clue as to what is causing it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Anyone have any thoughts on this?
I’m hesitant to simply fly the aircraft again without knowing what the likely cause was.

Your Z-axis vibrations levels are very high. In fact I don’t think I have seen an accelerometer clipping level as high as yours (>7000). Get control of that 1st.

Thanks Dave, I will look into that. I guess the vibration wouldn’t be the cause of the climbing though, as the target altitude is increasing?

High vibes can cause altitude instability but you are right that target altitude (Dalt) is close to actual (Balt). I think I would still address the vibe issue and then try again.

Just letting all that read this know that the issue was resolved by fixing the vibration issues.
Thanks for your help Dave!