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RAK Wireless FlyLink HD

Has anyone used the FlyLink HD or any other FlyLink system from RAK Wireless?

Ive been searching around on the net and multiple forums but cannot find it mentioned anywhere.
Looks promising, 1080p@30fps transmission with 200ms delay up to 800m.
Only $95 on alibaba

Apparently, can get the source code/SDK for their IOS and Android Apps so then support could be added for Mission Planner, Tower, QGroundControl etc…

Hi there! We have tested:

  • Flylink HD+ (RAK566 + RAK567
  • R2Teck DVL1.
  • Amimon Connex (not tested extensivly)

In our case this is for a client that worries about quality as the image is shown on a 65" 4k screen. The result was: FlylinkHD is the clear winner for our application (big screen and require maximal quality)


  • IMPRESSIVE maximal quality
  • Possible to change the quality settings (Quality/Resolution/GOP(?) and Framerate)
  • “transparent UART protocol” over UDP with configurable baudrate
  • Has an SDK (Android, iOS, Windows), I control it in Linux in Python.
  • Tested up to 200m FullHD with maximal quality (We can see the trees branches
  • Can be received up to 200m without base station (not tested, it came bound so we did not unbind it)
  • Can be received up to 800m witth a base station (not tested)
  • Using WiFi
  • Cheap
  • Can be used with different transmitting/receiving modules depending on the need
  • Technical support replied super fast! If in China working hours, same day answer else I got the reply the day after.
  • Can retrieve the stream via Ethernet, connected to a router for further processing simultaneously to getting it over WiFi and HDMI.
  • 250$ (as low as 100$ for a different pack)


  • Documentation is quickly written and has multiple incomplete documents that are almost complete when put all together.
  • 300ms latency

R2Teck DVL1:

  • Configuration of the transmission power
  • Not using WiFi (longer range)
  • One document for documentation


  • Quality is the worse of the 3 modules. The quality is similar to the Flylink with VGA resolution and low-quality setting.
  • No configuration for the quality possible
  • No SDK
  • NOT possible to disable the OSD. Once we reboot it comes back.
  • Multiple different versions with the exact same version number (Different LEDs, different antenna sizes between the two packages (one is small, one is long), one base station had a USB port)
  • If you watch the WiFi stream, the HDMI stream starts to fail (green lines)
  • 500$

Amimon Connex:

  • Very good quality
  • Automatic quality configuration
  • SBUS forwarding for camera control
  • Near zero latency
  • Can multicast to multiple receivers (up to 4) but you have to buy them


  • No manual quality configuration (to reduce framerate and increase quality)
  • 1500$

Is the Flylink HD is available? I couldn’t find it on their site.

no any more. discontinued

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