Radiomaster TX16S + RFD TXMod Sbus

I am having trouble getting the Yaapu script + TXMOD to work properly on my new TX16S Max. I am running TXMOD 1.46/ modem 3.38 and airside 900x 3.38. The script seems to be partially working. I am getting GPS info but the HUD is choppy and delayed, it will not display flight modes and displayed amps is erroneous.

When I go to the Telemetry page on the TX16S and discover new sensors it only shows RSSI and GPS. To the folks that have this working, should there be additional sensors shown in this list when connected? BTW, I am powering on the drone first and RC second. Thanks for any input.

The sensors screen really doesnt matter once you are using yaapu scripts

What does the TXMOD web interface list for all the radio settings? (channels, baud rates, air rates and so on…)

Does the TXMOD and the remote radio both have solid green link LEDs the whole time? or do they periodically blink?

We use a TX16S with TXMOD V2 with SBUS for RC control, these are the settings:
Those were captured using the RFD Tools, but the TXMOD web interface allows you to change all the same settings. SBUS control options weren’t shown when I captured this screenshot.

There’s other threads around here with more screenshots.

In the TXMOD web interface there’s a WiFi section where right down the bottom there’s a baud rate, and you need to set that to be the same as the main Baud that you set for the RFD radios, such as 115200

I figured it out. I did not have mavlink enabled on the airside radio (it was on Raw). All seems to be working now. All settings other than that were good except I prefer 57600 baud to increase range.

Everything also appears to still work normally if the RC is powered on first (which is preferred).

what range do you need? I would do some sort of range check, and also test all you failsafes are working.
My high baud rate settings are probably good for near the published official range of 40km. On the default baud rate settings I know of these RFDs doing over 150km.

Good to know, I will try out 115200. I actually don’t need much distance range. My rational for 57600 is better obstacle and tree penetration.

Check this:

How did you get ugcs setup for the WiFi link?

I’m struggling to achieve that. I can connect fine to ground control.

On latest 3.46 fw

Hi Davis…

sorry… long time since I finished my setup… what do you mean with UGCS ?

The main problem in my case, apart from the software/firmware configuration what in the wiring… the cable provided by Holybro were for PPM not for S.BUS…

Below are some of my settings…

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It’s been a while since I used UgCS with the TXMod radios so I don’t remember the details but at the same time I don’t remember it being a lot of trouble for me. If the computer running UgCS is connected to the WiFi from the TXMod radios then it should be TCP or UDP link. I don’t have access to the TXMod unit otherwise I’d check the link format. Double check your port settings. I’m going to guess it’s either 8080 or 14550.

Hi everyone, I am having the following issue with my TX MOD + RFD900x setup:

I have both units connected, PPM pass-through working, WiFi connection to the GCS - and the system seems quite nice.

However when I power cycle the system, turn everything back on, connect to the WiFi access point, the radios either don’t connect, or they do but the S16/S17 parameters have reverted to 0/0 so ppm pass through doesn’t work. In the case that the radios don’t connect at all, I pull up parameters and it is because they revert to the default NETID etc.

It appears I cannot get these radios to save and remember their settings! Does anyone have thoughts / experience on this?

After some more tests, power cycling the tx mod side of things always resets s16: from 1 to 0 and can even revert the airside 900x back to default netID=25


I havent experienced that at all,check you’ve got the latest and matching firmware in ground and air units

It can be a mission to update them but read the doco carefully and you’ll get through it OK.

Otherwise contact RF Design for help

Thanks, yeah that was the first thing I did in order to get them talking to begin with. Have both on 3.56.
I’ll try contacting support but otherwise quite puzzled.

These 2 highlighted files are the ones I used when updating the TX MOD in the web configurator. Do you know if they’re the correct ones?

*** nevermind I can answer this myself - the v2.x modem hardware files are the ones I should have used. I now have it working as expected. My mistake.

OK - good that you worked that out and updated us - thanks.

How does the TX Mod setup compare to connecting the RC transmitter as a Joystick in MP? Is responsiveness the only difference?

The TXMOD has about the same responsiveness as a normal transmitter/receiver combo.
Quad racer guys may pick up on some latency or something, but for normal use I cant detect any difference except for the long range and all-in-one RC+telemetry features.
Certainly a world apart from a joystick via MissionPlanner and an old-style 3DR telem radio at 56k.

I see, curious how acceptable joystick with Rfd900x’s as the telem link would be. Not for racing but long range fixed wing piloting

I’m having some problems with the txmod v2 with a tx16s. Telemetry and sbus are working but after a few minutes on the radio calibration screen channel values start jumping all over the place, so much that I would be scared to fly it this way. I’ve looked at every post I can find on setup and can’t seem to find a solution. All radios are on the latest firmware. Anyone else run into this problem?