Radiolink r8ef to pixhawk connection

Hi! I’ve got this radiolink r8ef receiver - and I can’t make heads or tails from the documentation how to connect it to the pixhawk. I’m very new to this. Does anyone have this receiver and how to hook it up? Many thanks

I have one. I put it into SBUS mode and then connected Channel 1 to the Pixhawk RC input. It was months ago when I set it up, but I think I was able to follow the steps in the manual on putting it into SBUS mode without any problem:

I can go back through the steps if you need me to. I don’t have it on my rover right now. It is here on my bench.

Hi Kenny! That link helps. So you do the three pins in channel 1 (top to bottom) to pixhawk… channel 1 because it’s the sbus pin “stack” - i’ll give it a go. slowly working through setup… might be ready by the time the snow melts! :slight_smile:

Yes. The top pin on the R8EF is signal, middle is PWR, bottom is GND. I just verified this with an ohm meter. The bottom pins are all connected together. The top ones are not.

On the pixhawk, it is the opposite! The top pin is GND, middle PWR, bottom signal. You can again verify this with a ohm meter. The GND pins will all be connected to each other and will read 0 ohms (or close).

And you are welcome to make the short drive to Georgia :slight_smile: and test at my house and shop. High is to be 72degF on Saturday. :sunny:

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Wow! thanks for the pic. pricelesss! 72 sounds lovely.
Thanks again

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