Radiolink Pixhawk unable detect board

hallo sir , i am using Radiolink pixhawk 2.4.8 i have same problem ,how can i fix it ,

“ My Radio link Pixhawk not loading the firmware,when i plug usb into the pixhawk usb not recognize the board , and my Safety Switch flashing 4 times ,FMU power solid green ,FMU B/E no collar . AND “IO power solid green.IO B/E orange ,IO ACT flashing blue” — ? What do I do? How do I arm it?
please help, see this video

Good day, did you try a different usb cable and update the drivers? Sometimes MP don’t find old boards…

Thanks for responding .First time everything went well. Usb was doing work okay .Suddenly I suffered this problem .

which version of MP do you have

first time try with MP v 3.60.after try too boot and reload with V4 latest version,

Just install the last version of MP… is 1.72