Radiolink Pixhawk unable detect board type

Hi all,
I have problerm with my radiolink pixhawk.
It canot detect board type, and can not read Sensor .
anybody can help me fix this error.
Thanks for reading

Are you using latest Mission Planner ? If yes, it is very likely that your board is DOA :frowning:

See what’s going on with the debug

But in future, please purchase hardware from a recommended supplier… or an Ardupilot partner.

Thanks for your reminder

This may be the same problem as Tranthanh posted - not sure.

Same symptom - unable to detect board type when doing a firmware upgrads

MissionPlanner 1.3.57 (latest)
Installing Arducopter V3.5.7 (latest stable)
New RadioLink Pixhawk - came with V3.3.3 installed

In the Windows Device manager the PixHawk shows up as a Legacy FMU

I was eventually able to install V3.5.7 using the pxuuploader.exe

D:\Programs\Mission Planner>px4uploader c:\temp\ArduCopter-v2.px4

Program 16231/16233
Program 16232/16233
Program 16233/16233
Expected 0x30B833 3 53721136
Got 0x30B833 3 53721136
done, rebooting.
Press Any Key

I have created a document (PDF) with details of what happens.

Issues updating firmware on RadioLink PixHawk - Google Docs.pdf (316 KB)

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PS - came as part of a system from FoxTech

hallo sir , im also using Radiolink pixhawk i have same problem ,how can i fix it ,

“ My Pixhawk not loading the firmware and my Safety Switch flashing 4 times ,FMU power
solid green ,FMU B/E no collar AND “IO power solid green.IO B/E orange ,IO ACT flashing blue” — And? What do I do? How do I arm it?
please help,