Radio Transmitter

I want to contral my drone using transmitter as well as my laptop.I want to use mission planer software.I don’t know how to control my drone using my radio transmitter and autopilot using mission planer software.Can you say how can i fix it.

Question is worded strange but
MP connects using telemetry radios, the controller connects using a receiver on the UAV paired with the radio

this is my problem.I know how to connect my drone and my laptop.I can use
3DR Radio Radio for it.If i use it how to connect to my transmitter also.

Another question is i want to what my camera view on laptop.How I connect it to my laptop.Can you explain me how to fix this issue?


what type of RC transmitter and RC receiver do you have?

And what flight controller are you using?

In principal, you need a RC receiver that matches to your RC transmitter and that receiver needs to be plugged into the appropriate port on your flight controller.

Not sure if this helps already, but without knowing what you have it is difficult to be more specific…


I have F14586-C APM2.8 APM 2.8 RC Multicopter Flight Controller Board and I connect a terminal to my bord data transmission port to exchange data with my laptop.I want to know how to send my camera data together with my fight controller board data transmission terminal.How i send both data using only one terminal.

I have ardupilot APM 2.8 bord.I connect my remote using input port and connect my laptop using data transmission port using 3DR terminal.And i like to know how connect my drone camera to my laptop for get live video of my camera.