Radio Telemetry's AES Encryption

Hello there,

i’m using a radio telemetry as a communication between Mission Planner & the pixhawk2 (Cube Black)
i already configured it (the normal way), & it works just fine
my problem was revealed when i wanted to use the AES Encryption

In Mission Planner, the InitialSetup -> SikRadio
i tried to check ON the AES Encryption checkBox but it refused as if it’s unavailable

Any idea !!!
& thanks in advance :wink:

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Ooookay, so it depends on the device You’re using.
the one i’m using is an X-Rock V2 Radio Telemetery
& i don’t know if it’s include in the radios that support the AES Encryption !

I appreciateyour time & informations

Through the RFDtools program it can all be done.
There is some mistake in MissionoPlanner and it does not work.

There is no mistake in Mission planner. RFDtools only work on original RFD radios, not on clone radios.
And AFAIK AES encryption only works with original RFD radios.

im my experience, you first need to plant the custom firmware to Sik radio modules, using “Upload Custom Firmware” button. Firmware is made by RF Designs. This makes the “AES encryption” and “AES key” boxes active. Strongly suggest that you use proper SikRadioConfig Tool for that, not the included tool in MissionPlanner or QGroundControl. After the firmware is changed, to change radio parameters, i have found that the RF-Tools software works faster and more stable than SikRadio Config, but that is a question of taste. I have noticed that many cheap sik radios activate those boxes, but saving AES key will result error on writing values and radios continue without encryption. More expensive and many of 1watt Sik radios the custom firmware and encryption works. I ordered the XRock V2 radio also to check the encryption option compability, if anyone has experiences whit that, could enlighten us.
If you dont like custom firmware anymore, then “Upload Firmware (Custom)” button restores original Sik radio firmware and disables the AES boxes

Keep in mind that 99.9% of all antennas, that are included with sik radios, is total piece of junk. Get proper antennas from example … or build your own Dipole antenna using correct measurements for your chosen freq. Also noticed that many people turn the “Airspeed” featrure to the max and then wondering why the range is only fewhundred meters. You only need 32…64kb/sec airspeed for telemetry and control - thats the key to longrange. This combined with proper antenna will easily quadruple your air vehicle range. With 1Watt radios and proper settings you outrun most of 2,4rc systems (exept elrs) and many 5.8ghz video systems

RFDesign firmware for Sik radios (newest version 1.9):
RFDesign firmware catalog, includes also firmwares for RFD800 and RFD900 radios:
Firmware | RFDesign Files