Radio signals not detected in Mission Planner[Solved]

Hello, I have installed “ArduCopter V4.1.1” on “Flight Controller H743-SLIM”
I tried all settings given by manufacturer and Ardupilot document but could not able
to detect radio signal in Mission Planner.

I have FrSky Q X7 Transmitter with R9M module and Access protocol,
receiver is R9MX with F.Port connection to UART6 as shown in attached image.

Setting I made are

  1. set BRD_ALT_CONFIG to “1”
  2. set SERIAL7_PROTOCOL to “23”
  3. set SERIAL7_OPTIONS to “7”
  4. set RSSI_TYPE to “3”

Installed latest Copter V4.1.1 BETA and it worked,
Thanks to