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Radio recommendations for telemetry

I am looking for a suitable high quality radio system for our long range drone. We have been using some relatively low cost 433mhz radios with custom antennas. Now we are using the Herelink for telemetry and video but I would like to add another system for telemetry only to increase redundancy. I recently did find this radio from uAvionix and really liked the functionality of it. I really like the diversity onboard on the airborne unit as well as the fail safe function. For the ground control station I especially like the robustness of the ground station (IP67), being able to mount it permanently to our car and to be able to connect to it via WiFi.

Here is a simple image from uAvionix documentations:

So the problem being that I live in Europe and this radio is not CE compliant :frowning:
My question is does someone know of a similar radio system that can be used in Europe?

Been using the US variant of these for years. Top-notch quality with ample range.

Thank you @manavgandhi17 for the feedback! I wonder if this can be used in EU without a special permit. Although this is CE compliant so it should be easier to get permission in EU.
What I feel missing here compared to the uAvionix is the ground station robustness and the possibility to connect via WiFi. This air module as I understand it has diversity just as the uAvionix which I like :slight_smile:

Check out the RFDesigns TXMod bundle, that uses the same radio as mentioned by manav but comes with a module that plugs directly into the back of OpenTX compatible radios which you can connect to via WiFi for telemetry to the GCS

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