Radio mix causing rover (mower) spin in auto

Using Futaba 9C mode 2 with flaperon mix to drive rover in forward and reverse. That is channel 6 radio dial and channel 6 “Throttle Right” in parameters. Steering is radio channel 1 and “Throttle Left” in parameters. All that drives linear servos linked to the wheel hydros. Is the flaperon Futaba radio mix spoiling system. -Mojack

What is the simplest radio to use for this rover application. I would be happy to change radios if that simplifies things.

Your radio mix has nothing to do with auto. Instead of reversing radio channels to make manual mode work correctly, reverse servo channels to make auto mode work correctly, and then set the radio to match.

The best way would be to create a new model in the radio. No mixes, no expo, no dual rates. Ardurover expects the main controls on the input channels 1-4 by default. This can be changed, but should not be necessary. Also, RC inputs and servo outputs can be configured independently. There is no default connection between RC input 4 and servo output 4, for example.

Changes to servo_x reverse in the parameters gets the AUTO working. When you say change the radio to match for manual do you mean reverse the channel in the radio? Ardupilot seems to ignore that. Or am I misunderstanding what you mean?

You must set the servo direction parameters such that auto mode works correctly.

You should then check that manual mode works correctly. If it does not, you must alter the transmitter channel settings, reversing them as appropriate.