Radio failsafe on H16, looking for cause


I’m flying on a new cargo octocopter on Copter 4.0.7, Pixhawk Orange Cube, and Skydroid H16 radio.

On my last flight, about 4 minutes of flight on Altitude hold my radio link was lost and the drone went into RTL failsafe for about 40 seconds, and then I regained control in stabilize mode. The drone was less than 30m from the radio and it has flown more than 20 times with the current setup. The batteries I use are new 6S 44.4Volt in series.

Could someone shed some light on what was the cause of the failsafe?

Log file

I could not find anything useful in my log analysis, so to answer my question, I looked into the hardware and most probably I got a loose vtx power connection to the distribution board.