Radio Failsafe and Crash

Hi, I have a hexa. When I was flying in althold, radio failsafe occurred.
I had set radio failsafe to land but when the failsafe occurred, The amount of rcin and rcout was constant until solved failsafe and in my opinion land’s command was not executed in fact, but it showed in gcs.
My question is why were the outputs constant and hexa crashed?
Log file :

Something happened before the FS event, the RCouts flatlined, then after the event they dropped to zero. After recovering RC6 was commanded to max, opposite arm 5 to min, lack of stability and down it went. That output signature is odd. You had power, voltage anyway no current data, and Vcc.

Looks like a crappy radio failsafe. But is is not.
It seems that the IOMCU on your board failed, and it was interpreted as radio failsafe by the flight controller, but it got bogus rcin values from the IOMCU and very likely motor control was also compromised (since IOMCU controls the motors)
The telltale messages are the ones after the crash : IOMCU is unhealthy and Internal Error : 0x3000 (which is iomcu_reset and iomcu_fail).

What kind of flight controller did you use ?

Thanks dear friends, I use pixhawk 2.4.8
Do you have a solution or suggestion?

Buy a real flight controller, not a crappy chinese one.
there is no such thing as Pixhawk 2.4.8 The Flight controllers named this are all cheap Chinese craps, created from the last 2.4.6 version by omitting half of the components and sourcing the remaining ones from questionable sources. The most dangerous modification is the power management of the board which is fully removed.

So there is no surprise that these FC’s are falling from the sky.
Sorry to say that but what you get is what you paid for.

buy holy bro pixhawk 4 or pixhawk cube 2.1

That’s right, I was working with Cube but due to problems I had to work with this version.

Hello , i have exactly the same issue with Pixhawk 4 , i posted here RCOUT freezes during the flight, IOMCU reset!
the flight controller not used for a long time , i think is not about cheap flight controller , it is something else , i use coaxial Heli so use 6 servo, maybe is about flght controller design and poor isolation between IO proccessor and RCOUT !