Radio connection rate is only 10% after using EKF3

Hello everyone, I am testing the GNSS dual antenna sideways on the ardurover to replace the magnetic compass. I set the parameters EKF_TYPE = 3, EKF2_ENABLE = 0, EKF3_ENABLE = 1, EKF3_MAG_CAL = 5, run EKF3, but my station loses packets after running The rate is too much, the connection quality is only 10%, I changed to EKF2 and everything is normal, the same hardware. . . Why is this? Below are the log files of ekf2 and ekf3. Thank you. I am running ardupilot under linuxRT on am335x processors.

Sadly, I’m unable to get those logs. It certainly doesn’t help that I can’t read Chinese - but when I click on likely-looking buttons it seems to be inviting me to install something or other rather than giving me the log…

Is there some other service you can use to supply them?


… also, does it do that when you don’t set the MAG parameter?

I actually banned the compass completely. . . I will not disable the compass test tomorrow, of course I will upload a log file tomorrow, thank you

This is the log file link: