Radio Calibration Warning Dialog has no Cancel

I’m running APM 2.0.14.

Today I experienced a creeping yaw on my Quad. Running APM Planner it appeared that the yaw channel was not properly calibrated. With my Quad outside having just flight tested it I went into the Config->Radio Calibration. When you hit the ‘Calibrate’ button it reminds you to remove the props before you continue.

Since I had not removed the props I thought I better do this before I continue. However, the dialog window only has an ‘okay’ button, no ‘cancel’. It does however have a close window button at the top.

Now, if you have your props attached, and are then given the warning to remove props before proceeding, and then try to close the window, you will find garbage values are sent to the quad which will result in the Quad ARMING and crashing uncontrollably.

If I were going to recommend anything it would be:
a) That the dialog window warning to remove props have a ‘cancel’ button.
b) That after new values have been established that there be a dialog box explicietly asking whether the new values be transmitted to the Quad.

Thanks, I raised an issue here

This is now fixed in the daily build