Radio calibration values below/above normal range

I have the APM 2.6 running firmware 3.2.1 and have done all of the initial settings. One thing that I’m confused about is the results (see screenshot) of the radio calibration. I am able to get the green bars to move with the red lines for min and max values, but after getting the results, my min and max values are below and above the stated normal values of Min 1100/ Max 1900. This is on a FrSky Taranis X9D Plus transmitter and Taranis X8R receiver.

Here are the values I get back after calibration (min/max):

CH1 989/2014
CH2 991/2015
CH3 987/2016
CH4 991/2016
CH5 988/2016
CH6 unused
CH7 unused
CH8 unused

My question is, is it important that my min/max values fall within the 1100-1900 range?

Any input is appreciated. Thanks!

I use a Taranis also and for channels other than channel 3, I’ve left them at their stock ranges with no problems. The Pixhawk just rolls with it and scales them.

The Channel 3 (throttle) range might need adjusting depending upon which ESCs you are using. If they have pre-set limits or a maximum PWM range, then you would probably want to make sure you don’t exceed that. I use Castle ESCs with fixed endpoints so I use the Taranis Servo screen to reduce my limits for Channel 3.

Those values are totally normal for a Taranis.

It’s possibly a bit odd due to how the range is set up compared to (for example) a Spektrum DX.
On the Spektrum as standard you have a range of 100%-100% that would give you a pwm of around 1100-1900, but you can alter that range to 125%-125% which then gives you a pwm of around 1000-2000.

On the Taranis you just have a 100%-100% range which is around 1000-2000.

Thanks for the replies! I figure as long as it doesn’t interfere with anything such as failsafe, although I’m still learning about using failsafe. As far as making the adjustment, is that done in the Mixer menu on the Taranis?

The Mixer tab is primarily used for mixing different channels, though I supposed it could be forced into setting limits for one channel.

I used the Servos tab, which allows the setting of end points for each channel. I also think some of this may have changed between the original Taranis and the Taranis Plus. My experience is with the Plus.

I have an original and it’s the same, use the servo page to set the endpoints.

Thanks for the insight! I’ll test out the current settings and see if they give me any issues. If so, I’ll take a look at changing the lower/upper limits on the servos tab. Thanks again :slight_smile:

So on my X9D+ it is labeled “Outputs”. Using the info from MarkM, I have estimated the settings for my S1000+ as:
Min 1120 = 88% (12% greater than -1000)
Max 1920 = 96% (4% less than 2000)

Hope this helps someone…