Radio calibration throttle limits

I am setting up my system for the first time.

I am doing the Radio Calibration which has gone well except that when moving the throttle through its full range I see the green bars moving but the red limit indicating bars do not show. I have tried the throttle on both the throttle and the elevator sticks of the transmitter.

I am using the HKPilot Mega 2.7 Master Set, Ardurover v 2.49, a Spektrum DX7S.
GCS is Mission Planner on my laptop.


you are in calibrate mode?

I am following the Rover code configuration and have clicked on the “Calibrate radio” button.
The screen capture attached shows movement of the "roll’ has pushed the red lines to the extremes but the throttle has moved the green bar without the red line following.

Noticed the same issue… don’t know when this glitch appeared…nil issues in the past…for me , I noticed that if I move the rudder to full limits then go back to moving throttle the red max bars work OK. Anyways, regardless of the radio calibration GUI… just look at the result screen (towards end of process) that displays the numbers (PPM) , nothing to worry if your throttle range starts from 1100 and goes up to approximately 1900. If your throttle trim is all the way down on your radio, the first number might be around 950 vice 1100 and if the second number is way higher than 1900 it could be because your radio’s end travel setting is above 100% ( which you do not want for multicopters, ETA above 100% )

Thanks for the advice - really helps.
Being first time I wasn’t sure what the implications of this glitsch might be further on in the setup/calibration process. Sounds like it’s not a big issue.