Radio Calibration semi-working with Graupner JR radio


thanks, I had the same problem. Now, calibration works with the posted new version. But I have a second problem:
At Radio Calibration screen, I see 1500 as values for all channels. At calibration, I see additional 800 as min and 2200 as max constantly from start of calibration till the end for all channels.

[attachment=1]Radio Calibration.tiff[/attachment]

But after calibration process, I see realistic calibration values for all channels. The process works in the background. Only the screen works with default values.

Only at channel 8 I get 900 till 1500. I have only 7 channels and the value of channel 8 is constantly 900. The shown middle value is learned as the max-value.

[attachment=0]Radio Calibration Values.tiff[/attachment]

At Failsafe screen the values of the channels are shown correctly and are changing if I change it at the radio.
At mission planner with windows every thing worked correctly.


I have a crius v2.0 board with MegaPirateNG and a old Graupner JR varioprop T3014 radio.
I try to change from mission planner (Windows) to APM Planner 2.0 (OS X, Build 9fbdb4bb-2.0.17-8-g9fbdb4b).

@Eastsoft: I just tried a calibration and it worked as expected for me using a Taranis and D4R-II. Not sure what the issue is you are seeing. Try the latest daily build and see if that resolves the issue … 015-04-26/