Radio Calibration only shows 14 channels?

How do I get all 16 channels showing in Radio Calibration on Mission Planner?
It presently shows 14 of my 16.
If they won’t show in Radio Calibration, please tell me how I configure them.

Thank you!

First update to the latest Mission Planner beta. If that does not work, try the latest QGC.
Are you using ArduCopter 4.0.6 ? Does it support 16 Channels? Or is that only present in 4.1.0-dev?

First of all your radio and receiver support 16ch + are you running on d8 mode so sorry for this also QGC android app great experience for me

Happy flying :slightly_smiling_face:

First question I would ask is what radio and receiver…some only support 14 channels.

Nope there is way to select 8channel 12 or 14 channel output , for latency

You don’t, only 14 show on that screen regardless of the RC channels you have. If you want to see what 15 and 16 are doing, or any chanell for that matter, use the Status screen.

Thank you all. The status screen did the trick. There is a lot to learn on Ardupilot!

I would suggest periodically updating Mission Planner to the latest Beta version. In this case it’s not going to add channels to the Radio Calibration screen but it will, with some delay, keep up with new features added to Ardupilot.