Radio Calibration of AT9S Pro

Hello y’all,

I have a specific problem with my radio controller (i don’t know whether it is caused by the radio controller or not actually).

I’m using Navio2 for the flight controller, AT9S Pro for the radio controller, and Mission Planner for the ground controller software.

I bound the receiver to the transmitter accurately. I can see the radio inputs from the mission planner while changing the sticks from the radio controller. When I change the throttle stick from the radio controller, it actually changes exactly the throttle channel from the mission planner. It means that I don’t need to do RC_MAP from the mission planner.

The problem is the sensitivities of the channels are not accurate. I mean when I push up the throttle stick to the highest point from the radio controller, I cannot see the highest point of the throttle in the mission planner. By the way, I also changed the trims from the radio controller it didn’t affect much.

Did I miss something here? I would be appreciated it if you helped me. Thanks.

Did you notice the little green button labeled “radio calibration”? Click on it and follow the instructions and it should solve your problem.

I did radio calibration. What I was trying to say, while calibrating the radio, the sticker movements and mission planners are not the same. The channels are the same but the movements are not.

Not the same direction or in what way not the same?

It had the same direction as the controller’s like, when I push up from the radio controller, the mission planner’s direction is also upward. However, it has not the same sensitivity as my radio controller. While pushing up slowly, it immediately goes to the highest point in some cases.

Then you should redo the radio calibration.
Before you do that, check if there are any mixers, expo, dual rates active in your transmitter.

I’m using RadioLink AT9S Pro for the radio controller. I didn’t see any type of mixers in my radio controller as active. I checked it that was inh (inhibited) which means it doesn’t have.

I changed the Radiolink AT9S Pro to a new one. It worked. Probably, someone in the lab might have broken the radio controller.