Radio cal problems- all over the place

I am new to APM. I have a 2.6 that I might have hurt the board,but not sure. With the jp1 installed, I powered the board though the input side with no servos on the output drawing current. With the USB plugged in and receiver is hooked up to inputs- one three wire from receiver on throttle,and s. On the rest,everything in MP is working as planned,except radio cal does work,but is erratic. Yaw jumps all over the place,and bars 5 and 6 move when moving yaw. My regulator seems to be well as I measured voltage from the 12c connector and get 3.28.-I’m good there. My concerns are getting the diode from powering the input. I did check with a vom and got way and not the other. I get .5v from the input power rail with USB only and just 3.28 from 12c,so everything seems fine there. So either I hurt the board,or there is some kind of configuration thing I’m missing in mp. I’m leaning twords the hurt board though. HELP!! If I did hurt the inputs somehow,is there a workaround besides the hammer.LOL. Thank you in advance. Frank. — somehow it seems like the inputs are mixing with each other. bottom line, will it hurt the board if you power the inputs with jp1 installed?

Are you sure the radio jitter isn’t from your radio?

I did independent servo connections to my receiver and everything is solid independently. it just seems like there is some type of mixing on all the channels on the Mission Planner calibration screen. When i move yaw,five and six move. when I move my flight mode switch my yaw hangs and a few bars flsh back and forth. lines just flash all over the place I can’t get nothing solid. I have a turnigy 9xr,and only has ppm setup and not pwm. I have it connected conventional pwm,I’m wondering if that’s the problem. But I have seen guys use the 9xr with no problems. I went to CLIand did a function test and all is at o,so iI’m still scaring my head.