Radio / antenna placement

Does this seem like a decent placement for the radio and antenna? The antenna does go vertically right?


@ Stefan Isn’t this a telemetry question??

Anyway I should have just RTFM I just couldn’t remember where I got it. That’s the problem with buying too much stuff. :laughing: … 0mm-rpsma/

I’ve tried to test vertical or horizontal. All I can tell is it totally kicks butt no matter how you place it. I’m going to place it vertical on the tail. I wish I had another one I’d stick it on the fuselage opposite side. Might have to buy yet another hobby related item.

I have this for the ground the station. Will post actual in air range result in a couple weeks. RFD900 on both sides. Hoping for 5 miles via fixed wing aircraft / APM 2.5 / powered by / 4 stroke Saito 56

Flying over lake Huron [ Michigan USA ] with spotter for safety … true&rt=nc

Anybody use one of these?? How can it help exactly?

Sure it is… It’s just no 3DR Hardware support question :wink:.

Installed the radio way in the back… antenna vertical… keeping both far away from other electronics stopped %99 of servo jitter. The model was a bit heavy anyway with 10 oz of fuel. Signal seems to rock. This antenna seems to really be the best. I ordered 3 more. … 0mm-rpsma/