RAD values tab missing in Value Graph on 4.0.3

I noticed that the “RAD” tab with all its options is missing in 4.0.3. It was there on 3.6.11 as can be seen below.

ValueGraph 3_6_11 - Copia

ValueGraph 4_0_3 - Copia

The problem is that now I cannot check my GCS telemetry values (rssi, remrssi, noise, remnoise
). Where is this data stored now? I need to analyze the telemetry quality since I´m having serious problems with GCS Failsafe triggers.

Thank you

@rmackay9, Am I missing a setup to turn on the RAD values? How can I see the rssi, remrssi, noise, remnoise values in 4.0.3?



From a quick check of the code, I think it appears in the RSSI message now… sorry for not making this clear in the release notes, a lot has changed between the two versions and it was difficult to keep track of it all.

I only found the option of rssi, rxerrors and rxrssi in the Tunning tab (tlog), but where is this information in the DataFlash Log now in order to analise with the Value Graph?


Please advise me how to graph the missing RAD values in the Tunnig tab.

Thank you.


MP’s tuning tab shows real-time data sent from the ground station. I think there should be “rssi” and “rxrssi” values.