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R9MM Alternative antenna

Doess anyone know of a antenna alternative for the R9MM-OTA Rx? The stock T-shape works fine but for small builds in can be a pain to locate. Apparently it has an Ipex4 connector.

You can try check te standard antenna for the standard frsky receivers…, you have to check the size of the connector and the db

Thanks for the reply. I bought a pack of antennas on eBay but they were the wrong connector (not an Ipex). I’ll look around some more. On the 1st generation of R9MM it had a simple antenna but those Rx’s have been discontinued and I can’t find a replacement. All vendors have the T-type. The T-type would be OK if it didn’t have big molded T plastic piece. This is going in a sub 250g quad.

Video aerial systems is a great company you could ask if they would make you some of thier antenna with the ipex4 connectors. I have their x-fire pro ultra flex on my DLG and it works great.

Or check out TrueRc they make great antennas too.

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