R9 receiver bug with ArduPilot? Video + log

I have an issue where the copter will switch to a random flight mode when near the limits of the signal between GCS and receiver. I’m using R9/R9M. From my knowledge, this is entirely a Frsky issue with their algorithms that interpret radio signals. Someone on a facebook page asked about receivers and I mentioned I’m having issues with R9. Others replied to this saying it could be a compatibility issue with the FC and receiver. I’m making this thread for more knowledge.

Here’s the log the first time this happened. I was doing a test flight over and around a lake. It switched to stabilize and almost instantly back to auto. I almost lost the copter because ArduPilot likes to ignore fast flight mode switching. ArduPilot acknowledged the return to auto mode after roughly a minute in stabilize. I didn’t notice it was not following the mission anymore because some random spectator was talking my ear off. The video of the event shows how unbelievably lucky I was to get the copter back.

Now I turn the GCS off to prevent this error while it flies the mission. Not having telemetry during the mission is unnerving.

If anything, quick flight mode switching really should be fixed.

The second time this happened, it switched to brake mode, so I’m pretty sure it’s the receiver misinterpreting radio signals.

Looks like the same glitches I have experienced with an R9 Slim which have caused flight mode changes when present on channel 5 and switched in and out of Simple Mode which I have on Channel 7. You can see this in your log on RCIN channels 5&6 between the 16 and 17 minute mark.