R12DSM Receiver Help!

Relatively new to multirotors. Have Radiolink R12DSM mini receiver. Is SBUS. How does one connect SBUS to a controller. I want to use on APM 3.1 and KK2. As am working on a Mavic Clone 3D print quadcopter.

You can’t use SBUS directly on APM. You will need signal converter to use SBUS on APM, which I found got a little delay so it’s not recommended. If you wanted to use SBUS, better throw away your APM and changed to Pixhawk.
APM only accept PWM & PPM signal. Lucky you, R12DSM can be used on PPM too. You only need to double push binding button on R12DSM till led changed to red which indicated worked on PPM.
Now you connect R12DSM pins (Signal, Vcc, Ground) to pin input channel 1 on APM board. But before that, you must activated PPM mode input on APM by jumped in signal pin 2 and 3 on APM board.

I don’t have experience on KK2 but from what I know, KK2 can use PPM and SBUS. You only need to changed signal mode (PPM/SBus) on KK2 menu and connect receiver pin on Aileron pin input on KK2.

Thank you. I just got a pixhwk controller. If i have issues my i ask you? Ken

Thank you
Just got PIXHAWK 4. If I have issues may I contact you

What do you mean by Pixhawk 4? The latest hardware is Pixhawk 2.1 The Cube (Next Gen FC) and the latest firmware only 2.4.x.
Maybe you referring anothee Pixhawk’s codename as PX4. It should be a standard Pixhawk.

You can just tell the problem here, this thread still corresponding with my inbox.

Sorry Noob. Pixhawk FC 2.4.8 32 bit