Quote covers some copy paste or right click search features

I often use the copy and right click search google function within my browser and lately smaller words are covered up by the quote feature within this forum. can the quote be move above the highlighted text so you can still right click and search. @CraigElder or whom ever is the website moderator.


You are not alone. I am one of this users too.
And often annoyed by the “feature”.

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I just hope they can fix it as it is very annoying!!

The same problems! I can’t use browser searching within the page.

@fuego We use the Discourse forum.
Please report an issue here https://www.discourse.org/ so the Discourse developers can be aware of your concerns

@CraigElder thanks for the reply are you a moderator here? Are they going to listen to anything anyone says consider I’m just a random user. Surely ardupilot doesn’t use the free version, seems like this is something a moderator or someone with higher level should be the one bringing this to the attention of discourse. Especially if its a paid product given the amount of users and what not surely ardu has a paid subscription.