Quicktune Testing and "issue"

I was told by a few friends and collegues worldwide to give quicktune a try.
Today we had great weather (at 6am) so i headed out to test.
EFT G22L sprayer that i did a couple of manual flight to get the PID on a good enough spot to loiter and a Tdrones M1200 that @Eosbandi had already warned me that its way overpowered.
On the EFT after i was able to hover it steady i did FFT and tuned my harmonic notch, tested again and flipped the QT switch…all well so far, landed, tested a first flight tune and for the 8*30" props with no real added weight for a first try it was all GREAT.
Going to the M1200 that was flyable plenty of times (not great and all manual tuned up that point) had set harmonic notch and still had settings active to check filtering, initial params sets properly, i fly the switch and…check the video after 1.25m Ardupilot Quick tune issue - YouTube

Log is here Dropbox - 10 13-Aug-22 8-59-50 AM.bin - Simplify your life and only the first 2-3 minutes is the Qtune, after i simply landed and wanted to swicth to one time autotune and see how it would act only to find now that my original P gain seemed way low, while 4 days before its was pretty tight.

I would appreciate any input in case anyone had a similar issue with QT, since i want to test on this alot more and check many more things before i can say i am able to have a proper first flight.

. For the M1200, your mot_thst_expo is wrong; it should be 0.2, not 0.8. T-motor ESC does have a linearization. Did you check the CG and level of the copter? Also, check the proper alignment of the arms. M1200 Quality control has some issues; we had to align motors and arms in all of our copters before the first flight.

Shoot! I had it set to 0.2 but it seems I compared some params with the original config file on which the thrust expo was set by initial params. Will lower and test again. Arms alignment and GC has been checked.
Thanx again, and since we might have good weather again at 6am I might go for test two

@MerkaTony please report back if the lower expo does help, thanks!

Weather is mostly good around 6am here these days. I’ll put the 0.2 thrust and test tomorrow hopefully if it holds. On the quick tune setup. If I add a value of 1 on the axis, will that make it roll only? Maybe test one by one as a start and then run once more with all axis active just to be on the safe side of things?

A. Forgot to say thank you for the reply on you previous message.
B. This morning we had zero wind and I took thrust expo back to 0.2 from 0.81 that was accidentally placed when I was viewing something on the initial params and I hit save by mistake(thank you @Eosbandi for noticing). Quick started and I had set a 2 position switch with an autosave value of 1 but what I noticed is that even though with the new expo I had no “incidents” like last time it seemed that because my switch stayed at 1500, that auto tune was running on a loop. Is that possible?
I tested twice and within three minutes in the air I was able to see the process staring again.
I’m simply asking to see how I can can configure properly without a 3 position switch.
Maybe if autosave is set, I have to switch 1000->1500 and after it starts, back to 1000 and let autosave?
Also noticed that even though I used same qgc, and I saw that quick tune loaded and I heard that it started, I did not see any info on the tuning process as also a quick tune complete at any point.
I’ll upload the log in a while

@tridge here is the log and you can see that ch8 was left at 1500 and autosave was set to 2s(if i recall properly) but then again it auto started.

@tridge Did various flights again today and i saw the same behaviour that the tune wanted to restart with autosave 1 (on the attached log its set to zero). procedure i had to finally use is find the 60% D for roll from the MP messages screen, set it manually and found a P term i liked manually.
Any ideas on why it might be restarting?

I can see from the log that my manual P needs a little lowering since there is a minor oscilation through the whole move. Ill test again and review as long as i dont loose performance.