Quick Leveling

Since we don’t have the “calibrate level” function anymore with the latest versions of MP and APM, is there a way to quickly adjust the level of the plane?

After I’ve done the full calibration, the first flight in FBWA or STAB shows you if APM is correctly leveled for level flight. Invariably it pitches down or up slightly. In the past I could just adjust the few degrees by propping the tail or nose and press the level button.

But now it needs a whole accelerometer calibration again, which is very difficult on large airframes, especially achieving that last few degrees of perfection.

How do you guys fine tune the level?

I don’t know if this is right but I either manually adjust AHRS_TRIM_Y for pitch or use Auto Trim (plane.ardupilot.com/wiki/ardupla … etrim_auto).

I have however just setup a new plane with AP v3.4 and MP v1.3.33 and the 1 axis levelling is there.

Hi Graham

I’ve just done the same - reflashed with 3.4 and updated my MP - now I can use the level function again! Strange but I’m happy!