Quick "Display This" data off the screen - (ter_alt)

I am using MP 1.13.17. I want to display “ter_alt” in the Quick screen under Flight Data. The “Display This” screen only displays as far as “rcoverridech3”. I am reasonably sure that most of last 18 parameters are there, because I can Tab through 16 missing items and reappear at the start of the list. Can anyone advise me how to select “ter_alt” ?

Double click on the entry you want to change,
All the options pop-up in a window.

I have a large monitor, so ‘ter_alt’ shows up fine.
It sounds like you’re working from a different screen size.
There is a pull-down in the lower right corner to enlarge the window.

Find it?

Thanks for the rapid response and the solution. I was working on a notebook screen, so I was unable to resize the “Display This” window wide enough to access ter_alt. It never occurred to me to use a big screen (Doh!). I borrowed a big screen, which allowed me to select the ter_alt data for the Quick display. Fixed!