Questions on setup instructions for SITL

Hi. I recently joined a porject group that is building an autonomous drone. I will likely be one of the team members that uses Mission Planner. I have some basic programming experience (C, java, Arduino) and some basic RC airplane and quadcopter flying experience. However, I have no experience with GCS, autnomous flight, and programs such as Cygwin…

I have been using this webpage to try to install the SITL so I can get a feel for how to use Mission Planner:

I don’t understand the part of the instructions where it says to select the packages in Cygwin: Step 3 under the “Install Cygwin” paragraph header. For most of the packages it seems like there are several versions of them. In the example image shown, they selected version 4.9.2-3 of g++

How do I know which version of the other packages to select???

Have you tried installing the latest version?

Eos, I selected the latest packages, but I am having problems still. I am following the instructions on that webpage to the letter, but am getting errors when I try to build either the ArduCopter or ArduPlane.

It seems like certain files can’t be found during the build process. I am reading up more on using CLI in Linux to better understand some things. At my next project meeting, I will bring up what I have observed so far in terms of not being able to get this SITL working.