Questions about Skid Steer Rover

Hi everyone,

I’m currently setting up my 2WD rover, with skid steer.
After many difficulties it “works” !

However I would like to change the usual mapping of output servo channels (servo1 for left track control and servo3 for right track control). What’s the easiest solutions ? Is there a parameter I can set in order to change Servo Output channels.

I’ve an other problem, direction control work correctly but when I assign Flight Mode choose channel in my Emitter one of my motor stops to receive its signal from Pixhawk. I don’t understand because these two feature are not linked. What do you think about that ?

Thank you for reading


You you share what version of APMRover you are using and what flight controller ? (apm, pixhawk ?)
The new version will allow you to use any ouput pin but I don’t think current one allow it

Hi, I’m using Pixhawk 2 with PX4 FMU V2, my current firmware is APM Rover 3.1.2.

Do you know when the new firmware should be released ?


A new BETA will hopefully be available within the next few days.

Thanks, Grant.