Questions about roll axis shake in Loiter flight mode

Hello, guys.
I have a question while flying an engine helicopter, so I ask a question.
The helicopter shown in the video is a helicopter equipped with a gasoline 116CC two-cycle engine.
However, there is something strange while hovering in Loiter mode, so I ask a question.
When the aircraft is rotated in the direction of the wind, the roll shaft shakes a lot.
Please let me know what’s wrong with the parameters on that helicopter, and what parameters need to be corrected to correct that wobble.
-Videos and parameters will be uploaded through the link.

Parameter link

Video Link

Youtube link

Any advice would be appreciated.
Have a nice day, guys.

Y.S Kim

Hi @retromix, It appears that you have some feedback instability, meaning that one of your gains is too high. Does this happen when you fly the aircraft in Stabilize mode? In order for me to analyze this issue, I would need to see a log of a flight in Stabilize flight mode first. Once I’ve ruled out that your attitude controller tune is good then we can work on the position controller. please be sure that you have a selected FAST ATTITUDE and PID for the log bitmask in addition to the default logging options.

Hello? Bill.
Thank you so much for answering first.
As you said, that doesn’t happen in stabilize mode.
I will try to fly again and share the flight log file.
Thanks for your help.

Hi Mr. KIM

I think we can help each other. because my helicopter size is similar your helicopter.
I tried to download log file, but it require authority. Could you give me authority or log and parameter file?