Questions about how to avoid obstacles with gps

Hi,I have a question about avoidance with GPS.
If I have two Boats with GPS,can they avoid collision between each other only by GPS single?

Not possible…

Thank you,
Is there any possible to obtain the GPS single meanwhile in secondary development?

Not understanding your question. What do u mean by secondary development

If I have secondary development on MP,I want to add the GPS avoidance function.But it is premised that the GPS signals of two ships can be obtained at the same can I obtain the two GPS singles at the same time?

When you say you have secondary development, you mean you are running two MP programs simultaneously on the same computer?

Sorry I am not familiar with the statement “secondary development”

Oh…Secondary development is some robotic software right?

En…It means recompiler Mission Planner source code and add some self-customize function

Oh ok :slight_smile: so inside the customized MP, you are trying to figure out if there is way to receive GPS data from two different GPS systems connected with their own FC inside the same MP program using like SIK radios?

Both Plane and Copter can, as they support AP_Avoidance.

Sadly, Rover never got support for that.


Almost right,I have two Pixhawks and successfully connected the Mission Planner/QGroundControl via WiFi,though MP is more complex.Both Pixhawks connect to one PC with MP or QGC.Now I want to avoid collision between the two Boats by GPS.

For copters and planes you can read these docs.

oh…That’s really sadly,I will go check AP_Avoidance
Thank you

ok,Thank you again,Life-long learning

If you have loaded the Rover or Boat firmware, the default code would not allow LiDaR support.

You will have to write a completely new code which would have to monitor the two GPS raw data in real time, where you will have to create a dynamically changing geo defense fence around each boat.

Once you accomplish the above the next challenge is to send commands via MAVLINK to one of the boats to steer away.

Not an easy task

You can read up on how Arducopter for example uses ADS-B data to avoid collision with an air craft.

These are the only options you have.

Looks like your professor gave you tough final year thesis :slight_smile:

This really looks like a big project :pensive:

Let me ask you this ( I enjoy solving problems), what’s controlling the two boats?

Same Mp are you using and defining way points?

:joy:Life is always so naughty

Right,Same MP or QGC.the two boats run the same way points,but they will not arm together.

And under normal conditions the two boats will not collision,But one more guarantee is always reassuring