Questions about drawing real-time data graphs


I am experimenting with gazebo sim and mavproxy.

I would like to see the battery voltage and flight data of the multicopter in real time through the graph.

I referred to the link above

graph VFR_HUD.alt VFR_HUD.airspeed:2

I wonder if I can see other data as a graph.

Can you tell me what kind of data you can see through Graph?

Thank you.

If command line completion is working for you in mavproxy you can type


then tab to see a list of topics. Type a topic and a . then tab again to see the fields within the topic.

The battery data from Gazebo is not currently forwarded to SITL, so you will not be able to plot that (you’ll see the battery status generated by SITL in the flight controller instead).

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hello. The live graph (real-time flight data) part was solved by connecting mav proxy and mission planner.

Second question.

Currently, at SITL, we want to develop a system that reduces the battery life of a drone when it flies, and even causes it to crash when the battery runs out.

Which areas should be developed?

When you set the battery capacity and voltage in the firmware parameters, the value is fixed and does not decrease.